Rob Zombie Shares His Last Rehearsal Before The Global Epidemic

Rob Zombie, who is a vocalist and filmmaker, took his official Instagram account to share a new post and revealed the last rehearsal he did before the pandemic.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the music industry had to postpone all the concerts. However, most of the musicians and bands such as Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, and many more, released their album during this time.

Rob Zombie also announced that he will be releasing a new album, The Lunar Injection Kool-Aid Eclipse Conspiracy, next month, and moreover, he released a single in October 2020, named The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition).

However, Rob mentioned that he hasn’t seen his band for over a year, even though he is releasing an album, and revealed that they didn’t play together since last year. As he talked about this fact, Rob also shared footage from their rehearsal in 2014.

Here is what Rob Zombie captioned:

I haven’t seen these guys in person for exactly one year. Last time I did we were rehearsing. Here’s a little rehearsal footage from February 2014.”

You can check out the post by clicking here.