Rob Zombie Says ‘It Kills Me’ While Announcing The Health Scare That Would Potentially End His Career

Rob Zombie canceled his show after losing his voice right before the show.

The rocker was set to perform in Las Vegas at the Bakkt Theater as a part of his tour with Alice Cooper.

What Caused Him to Lose His Voice

Zombie shared the news on X. In the statement he shared, he explained that he had to cancel the show due to laryngitis, which causes inflammation in the voice box. The rocker wrote:

“On behalf of Rob Zombie: I am so bummed to announce this, but I have no voice. Zero. I tried sound checking but couldn’t get any sound out. Not the Halloween extravaganza I was looking forward to. It kills me to cancel this show. So sorry.”

He also shared that Alice Cooper would do a full set.

The ‘Freaks On Parade’ 2023 tour seems to be continuing as planned, and no other announcements about the tour have been made.

You can see the announcement below.