Rob Halford On Reuniting Judas Priest Members For The Rock Hall Performance

Judas Priest’s powerful performance made history at this year’s Rock Hall ceremony. As you may recall, even before this ceremony, the audience was getting excited because the original line-up would come together after a long time. Judging from his last conversation with Lauren Elwell, Rob Halford thought that with this reunion, they could show the essence of their band in a way that befits Hall’s atmosphere, and their performance was magical for him.

“It was good; we hadn’t seen [K.K. Downing] forever,” said the frontman, revealing that this reunion went well for him. “And I’ve still yet to watch footage of that. All I remember is my brief interactions with K.K. because I’m always running around the stage like a mad drag queen. My interactions with Ken and with Les, it was great. It felt wonderful to have that moment together after such a long time.”

He continued, “And that just shows you the power, the weight, the vibe that the Rock Hall suggests you try to attempt. Try and recapture something of the essence that is really part of why you’re here, why you’re being inducted. I was just so happy that Ken and Les showed up because they needed to be there. It was entirely their choice, but I said it makes absolute sense if you’re in the room and we’re playing together. And we did, and it was magical.”

In their memorable performance, they played some of Judas Priest’s strongest songs: ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’, ‘Breaking The Law,’ and ‘Living After Midnight.’ Former members Binks and Downing joined Halford, Hill, Travis, and Tipton for this medley. Even though they played together again for the first time in a long time, it was apparent that the band members had not lost their harmony.

Before the performance, Ian Hill had humorously said that this reunion could either kickstart things or make Priest fall apart. It is unknown whether this well-run reunion will kickstart something and turn into a long-term collaboration after many years. However, judging by the statements they gave before and after the performance, both the idea and realization of this reunion made the parties really happy.