Rob Halford: Judas Priest Should Release One More Album

According to Rob Halford, Judas Priest should release their 20th album before retiring.

Judas Priest members recently sat down with Guitar World for an interview and Halford said they’re currently focused on touring, but they’re already thinking about what comes next after touring ends. The frontman added:

“Well, Priest has always maintained its relevance and importance in metal by showing you what we can do next. And the other thing is, I don’t like 19. It’s an odd number. I’m an ‘even number’ kind of guy. I like 20.”

Judas Priest Members Went Through Health Problems

He recalled his and other band members’ health issues:

“But the bottom line is it’s absolutely glorious that we’re still out there. Glenn’s still thriving as a musician, and so is Richie after what he went through with his heart condition. I’m thriving after what I went through with my cancer condition. If that isn’t the embodiment of metal never dying and metal never surrendering, then I don’t know what is.”

Richie Faulkner’s Take On His Health Issue

Halford overcame prostate cancer, while guitarist Glenn Tipton battles Parkinson’s disease, which stopped him from touring six years ago. Lead guitarist Richie Faulkner had an experience with an aortic aneurysm during a festival performance in September 2021.

Faulkner had heart surgery about two and a half years ago. But working on Judas Priest’s latest album, ‘Invincible Shield,’ helped him recover a lot. He previously told Total Guitar:

“We’re proud metal fans and this music is like an invincible shield. We all go through challenges. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Glenn [Tipton, guitarist]’s had his struggles, I’ve had things, Rob’s been through it as well, but we live to fight another day!”

Tipton also contributed to the record despite his illness. He said in an earlier interview that he was eager to keep going and wouldn’t let the disease stop him from writing and playing music.