Rob Halford Admits Doing The ‘Gay Hustle’ With Dolly Parton

Rob Halford recently joined SiriusXM’s Mark Strigl and discussed sharing the stage with Dolly Parton. He jokingly admitted to ‘gay hustling’ her but also expressed his appreciation for the country icon’s lengthy career and her upcoming rock record.

Judas Priest frontman performed with Parton at their joint induction ceremony into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, dueting on the singer’s ever-iconic track, ‘Jolene.’ Halford recalled how he couldn’t help but gush over Dolly, enhanced by her energy and musical passion.

The rocker admitted he thought he had overstepped his bounds a bit, but he couldn’t help but be a total fanboy. Rob then dived deep into the country icon’s career, detailing all her hardships and how she never gave up. He emphasized how much of a beacon of happiness Dolly was and how excited he was for her upcoming rock record, which reportedly will feature icons such as Stevie Nicks and Mick Jagger.

Halford on dueting with Parton and feeling ‘cringe’ for hustling her:

“I did the gay hustle and [thought], ‘I’ve gotta get close to Dolly. I may have overstepped my mark, but I was just gushing; I was a fanboy. I was kind of cringey at the end. I still haven’t seen it [the performance] — I still haven’t seen it — but people say it was great, and that’s all that matters.

To be so close to her and to feel the love that this lady has — she’s just this walking beacon of love and happiness and joy that she spreads. And her talent; when you think about the thousands and thousands of songs that she’s written. And her story… There’s a great Netflix documentary called ‘Here I Am,’ and I watched that the other night.

And where she came from and how she persevered, and she went through a moment where she really didn’t know if things were gonna be able to continue, just through the way that rock and roll works, and she did. She’s the epitome of staying the course and believing in yourself and believing the people around you and getting through these difficulties and challenges and rising above them and becoming a success all over again.”

The singer noted how excited he’s over Dolly’s upcoming album and how much singing Jolene’ meant:

“She was always a success, but in the way that she can kind of fade in and out of things in rock and roll. She stuck to it. And wow. She’s roaring right now. She’s got this new rock album coming out, which we’re all thrilled to know about. So, yeah, for me to have that opportunity just to sing a couple of those famous lines from ‘Jolene’… It was a lot of stuff, you know?

When you think about her, and you think about me and where we are in our lives and the generations that we’re from and the people that we kind of represent if that’s the right way to use it. It was just really, very, very special.

So, that moment, and all the other things that were flying around the room, made for probably what they’re saying is one of the most memorable and remarkable Rock And Roll Hall Of Fames that have happened thus far.”

Dolly’s music has been a comfort blanket for generations as her magnetic energy, musical talent, and passion have turned her into a ‘fairy godmother’ for many. Halford was one of those fascinated by Parton’s energy, and he couldn’t help but get close to feel her energy and didn’t shy away from showing that he, in his words, was a fanboy.