Ringo Starr On Paul McCartney Calling Him ‘The Greatest Drummer In The World’

Ringo Starr recently joined Jimmy Kimmel Live, and during the conversation, he remembered the time Paul McCartney described him as the greatest drummer in the world.

Ringo Starr is a talented musician who first achieved worldwide fame as the Beatles’ drummer. He occasionally sang the lead vocals with the band on some of their songs and was the co-writer of some others, but his exceptional drumming talents were the main reason that made him rise to prominence.

Back when the Beatles was formed in 1960, Starr was working with a band named Rory Storm And The Hurricanes. With the band, he achieved some success, but he became a worldwide known musician after joining the Beatles in August 1962 as Pete Best’s replacement. As of now, Starr is pursuing a career as a solo artist.

Throughout his music career with the Beatles, the wealthiest drummer in the world, Ringo Starr influenced many drummers in the scene with his playing style. Emphasizing feelings over technique, he inspired them to reconsider their drum playing and influenced various modern drumming techniques as well.

During a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Starr revealed that he is captivated by Paul McCartney’s genius. After a while, Kimmel came up with a postcard McCartney sent to him on January 31, 1969, reading ‘You are the greatest drummer in the world, really.’ As a response, Starr jokingly said he felt a little bit let down as that postcard came so late.

While talking about Paul McCartney, Starr said the following:

“I’m always captivated by Paul’s genius.”

At some point during the conversation, Jimmy Kimmel said:

“This is a postcard that Paul sent to you. It arrived the day after that concert on the rooftop, January 31st, 1969. He wrote: ‘You are the greatest drummer in the world, really.’

Starr then responded:

“Yeah, I was a bit let down it came so late.”

You can watch that part of the show below.