Ringo Starr Explains His Alternative Career Plans

In a new interview with The Sunday Times, Paul McCartney and Starr sat down to discuss the recently released The Beatles track, ‘Now and Then.’ The two talked about the first days of The Beatles and revealed the alternative plans of the band if they weren’t successful.

Before sharing his earlier plans, the drummer made a confession and revealed how long they thought the band would last:

“None of us thought it would last a week!”

All of the members had different plans if they were not to be successful. He continued:

“Paul was going to write, I was going to open a hairdresser’s, George would get a garage. But it went on and then it ended. And at the right time, I think. But, you know, that didn’t stop us playing with each other.”

McCartney Thought The Beatles Would Last for Only 10 Years

Despite their different career plans, the Beatles succeded in becoming a famous band. Before fame entered their life, McCartney thought the band would have ten years. According to the bassist, they were just having fun together doing what they loved.

Although the band thought it would only go on for ten years, during the writing process of their third single, ‘From Me To You,’ the bassist thought they were finally getting somewhere. The band took the job they were doing seriously and eventually achieved to be a world-renowned band.

The New Song, ‘Now and Then’

The recently released song marked the end of the band’s career. Released on November 2, the song was initially written in 1970 and recorded in 1977 by Lennon himself. After his passing away, it was considered to be put in ‘The Beatles Anthology as the third reunion single, followed by ‘Free as a Bird’ and ‘Real Love.’

The track was eventually released after a long wait of three decades. The latest version of the track now includes overdubs and guitar tracks by the late George Harrison and, additionally, Lennon’s voice, extracted from the original demo with the help of AI’s audio restoration.

You can listen to the last song of the band below.