Rick Springfield On The Most Difficult Time Of His Career

In an interview with People, Rick Springfield talked about his lifestyle, new upcoming album, mental health, and career. The rocker opened up about the most challenging time of his career and revealed what he thought would help him heal.

Springfield mentioned what he says on stage that he had to learn himself. He said:

“I say this on stage: ‘It’s not about the new car or the beautiful wife or the house or the career. It’s about what goes on inside.’ That’s what I had to learn. I thought success would heal me, but I was the most successful I’d ever been in 1985, and I was more depressed than I’d ever been. And I had to figure out why that was.”

Though the rocker seems happy with his family and where he lives, he also occasionally appears to have some difficulties. He added:

“I wouldn’t say I’m happy — it’s a difficult thing for me. I feel happy at times, but I do have stuff I have to deal with in my head, and it’s not always good. But I love where I live and who I love.”

Similarly, in another interview, Springfield stated that nothing is enough when you get to that dark point and opened up about the same matter. He said:

“Accomplishment is nothing; it doesn’t change who you are. That’s a big belief. You know… ‘If I have this house, I have this wife, if I have this car.’ That’s a big misconception. Fame and success and money do not heal.”

Springfield has been openly talking about his mental health for years. He has been dealing with depression since his early teens, and as he mentioned lately, the rocker thought success would heal him. During another interview, Springfield opened up about the same matter, stating that he ‘pulled the plug and started going to therapy in lieu of basically shooting himself.’

The rocker described his depression as something that ‘you kind of become acclimatized to, almost like a friend,’ and named his depression ‘Mr. D.’ Although Springfield is taking meds for his depression, he copes by writing songs, which he channels depression into his writing. The rocker admitted that picking up his guitar and starting to write is a big motivator for him.

The rocker’s newest album ‘Automatic’ is set to be released on August 4. You can hear the latest single from the album down below.