Rick Allen Shares Why Def Leppard’s Latest Show Disappointed Him

Def Leppard is on a co-headlining world tour with Mötley Crüe, and they recently joined forces with Mammoth WVH for their performance at Marlay Park in Dublin. Just before their performance, Rick Allen took to Instagram to share an update about the show. The drummer said:

“It is me. I wish it was a more glamorous last day, but there is definitely thunder in the forecast. It’s pissing it down with rain at the moment, but everybody is in good spirits. We just got in from Dublin; the flight was delayed, so we actually don’t have much time before we’re on stage.”

Allen then expressed his thanks to fans that have enjoyed his videos on the platform:

“I just want to thank everybody for sticking with me. I see how much people enjoy these videos, and I really appreciate that it keeps things light and clue you into what we’re doing. Did I mention there will be rock? Well, there will be lots of it, so I will see you on the other side.”

Rick had recently posted a video of himself on Instagram ahead of their Hannover concert to share with fans that he needed rest from the tour and the ongoing traveling. He said:

“So yeah, I’m looking forward to a couple of days off. I definitely need the rest. That’s for sure. And I’ll see everybody out there, and I guess I will be seeing you on the other side.”

You can watch Rick Allen’s Instagram post here and his previous post before the Hannover concert here.