‘Rick Allen Has Been Through Worse’ Says Vivian Campbell After Recent Attack

Def Leppard’s Rick Allen was violently attacked in March outside of his hotel in Florida. While he survived the attack, it caused a huge scare for the drummer and his family. He is currently in recovery with his wife, and the band’s guitarist Vivian Campbell recently talked about the attack on Sirius XM, reassuring fans that Rick will be fine.

The attack occurred on March 13 at a hotel in Florida. A deranged person ran from a hiding spot toward Rick Allen, jumped on him, and pushed him to the ground. The drummer hit his head on the ground and was injured while witnesses tried to stop the offender and call the police.

The suspect gave no motive for the attack, and he was charged with abuse of an elderly or disabled person. Rick is now healing with his wife Lauren in a safe space. He released a statement on Instagram to reassure his fans that he was going to be okay and that he was glad Lauren wasn’t with him at the time of the assault. According to a recent update by Vivian Campbell, Rick is going to be fine because he has been through worse and is a resilient man.

Campbell stated:

“Rick will be fine. He’s been through a lot worse, obviously. He’s a resilient human being. He will absolutely be okay.”

Even if Vivian had not updated the public and reassured them that Rick would be fine, the fans know that he is a strong man who can get over it. Rick has been through a lot in his life, starting when he lost his arm in an accident in 1984. As a drummer, he could have quit knowing that he wouldn’t be able to play with one arm, but he quickly defied the odds and now is one of the most iconic drummers in the rock world.