Brian May Hints At Potential New Queen Album With Adam Lambert

Brian May recently spoke to ‘Vermilion County First’ and gave insight into Queen’s future plans. The guitarist also revealed whether fans should wait for a new album with Adam Lambert, about which he sounded rather optimistic. He said:

“We’re always open to something happening. It’s just that we have busy lives now. We don’t quite have the ability to work 24 hours a day like we used to when we were half this age.”

Even though a new Queen album is not for certain, May shared his other passions that keep him busy by adding:

“I do a lot of other stuff. I’m very passionate about my crusades for animals. I fight for wild animals in this country, and a little bit globally, I suppose.”

Besides saving wild animals, Brian also talked about his scientific missions. He explained:

“I have my scientific stuff as well. I’m a very active astrophysicist these days. I do spectroscopy for various unmanned missions and missions on the subjects of the solar system. So various NASA missions and ESA missions which is great. I mean, I can’t believe I’m saying this because it was a dream when I was a kid that I could work with people who are real astrophysicists and real space explorers, but now I get to do it, which is wonderful.”

The band had announced their 14-show North American leg of its ‘Rhapsody Tour’ which will run from Oct. 4 through Nov. 11 this past spring. In addition to North America, Queen recently shared five tour dates in Japan, starting February 4 in Nagoya before closing February 13-14 at the Tokyo Dome. You can get more information about tickets here.

You can listen to Brian May’s interview with ‘Vermilion County First’ here.