The Story Behind Eddie Vedder’s Grand Gesture To The Family He Owes His Life

There must be dozens of musicians who survived possible life-threatening incidents in the past. While the list is extensive, especially considering the outrageous rock and roll lifestyle, some famous incidents include The Rolling Stones lead guitarist Keith Richards who has cheated death countless times, and Blink-182’s Travis Scott, who survived a fatal plane crash.

While many of these incidents are known mainly by these rock stars’ fans, you wouldn’t expect to hear that Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder also had a near-death experience back in 2005. Let’s dive into his story of survival and the unexpected encounter that brought him to his savior.

Eddie Vedder Almost Died

In 2005, Eddie Vedder was on vacation in Hawaii, paddling on a six-man sailing canoe. Unfortunately, the musician’s craft ran into trouble and overturned. There couldn’t do much, and Vedder and his team were trapped under the overturned canoe for hours.

To their surprise, a young woman named Ashley Baxter was riding on her father Keith’s boat, traveling the channel when Vedder’s canoe overturned. After Ashley heard voices out in the water, she and her father were able to find Vedder and his friends.

Eddie Vedder Paid His Debt To The Family

A decade after this miraculous incident, Keith Baxter had a boating accident, and a rusty anchor nearly cut his leg off at the calf, leaving him with a bone infection. While things looked pretty bad for Keith as his insurance did not cover the necessary treatments, things took a surprising turn.

Once again, an unexpected coincidence took place. Ashley randomly ran into one of Eddie Vedder’s friends named Kacky Ovrom Chamberlain, who was with him during the canoe accident. Ashley told them about the accident her father had experienced.

Following that, Chamberlain contacted Eddie Vedder, and the duo set up a GoFundMe page through which they raised $70,000 for the necessary treatment to save Keith’s leg. Furthermore, Pearl Jam members also donated $70,000, bringing the grand total to over $140,000 for Keith’s treatment.

An unfortunate accident that took place a decade later allowed Eddie Vedder to pay back the debt he owed to the man and his daughter, who saved his and his friends’ lives. It was also touching to see all of his bandmates come together to help Keith, which showed their thoughtfulness.