Blink-182’s Travis Barker Recalls The Plane Crash He Survived And Expresses His Feelings

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker opened up about the tragic plane crash he survived during an interview with Men’s Health and apparently, Barker is working on getting on the plane once again in order to put the horrible experience behind him.

As some of you might remember, Travis Barker who was afraid of flying already experienced one of the most terrifying experiences a person can imagine in September 2008 after surviving a plane crash while with Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein, two close friends, assistant Chris Baker, and security guard Charles ‘Che’ Still all of which passed away except DJ AM and Barker himself.

Just when the plane, headed for Van Nuys, California, was ready to take off, a loud band was heard and as the plane was departing from the airport air traffic controllers saw sparks arising from the plane which acquired the pilots to abort the take-off after realizing that a tire had blown out.

However, the plane hurtled through the airport’s fence, across a highway, and crashed into an embankment before bursting into flames, as a result of this terrible accident, every passenger including the two pilots passed away except Travis Barker and AM both of who were able to escape through an emergency exit and immediately transported to the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, where they were both listed in critical condition.

During his time in the hospital, Barker was in so much pain that he was calling friends, offering them $1 million to help him kill himself after spending more than 11 weeks in hospital and burn centers in pain, having a total of 16 surgeries, blood transfusions that lasted four to eight hours and numerous skin grafts for the hope of getting well. Fortunately, the Blink-182 drummer recovered from the incident despite having PTSD and giving up on his vegetarian diet in order to increase his protein intake, he managed to return to his life and music career after weeks of fear and agony.

Here is what Barker said about his treatment:

“There were times when they were talking about amputating my foot because I didn’t have enough skin on my body for my graft.”

Despite the tragic incident that happened over a decade ago, Travis Barker revealed during a recent interview that he wants to be able to fly one day and is confident about himself overcoming his fear after his trauma while stressing the fact that he has to get on an airplane one day in order to overcome his phobia.

In addition to his, Blink-182 drummer stated that there’s no point in living with a fear of dying since there are hundreds of possibilities of passing away even while riding a skateboard, in a car accident, or even get shot all of which can happen suddenly and Barker seem to make his peace with the possible dangers and the outcomes of the mysterious working of life.

Here is what Barker said:

“There’s a million things that could happen to me. I could die riding my skateboard. I could get in a car accident. I could get shot. Anything could happen. I could have a brain aneurysm and die. So why should I still be afraid of airplanes?”

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