Wolf Van Halen Reflects On The ‘Only Thing’ He’s Got To Feel His Father Eddie

Mammoth WVH founder Wolf Van Halen shared his ideas about his upcoming North America tour with Dirty Honey, and he revealed the only thing that connected him to his late father Eddie Van Halen during his recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

As you may recall, Wolf Van Halen recently announced that Mammoth WVH would go back to the stage as Young Guns Tour’s co-headliner along with Dirty Honey in 2022. His fans got very excited and happy about the latest news about his upcoming tour after the band’s remarkable opening act for Guns N’ Roses. The tour will start on January 21, 2022, in Chicago and end on March 5, 2022, in Indio, California.

In addition, Wolf reflected his thoughts and feelings about the concert in the recent interview saying that it’ll be a pleasure to play with another young and hungry band from L.A, Dirty Honey. Then, he opened up about the connection between him and his father Eddie Van Halen, who passed away on October 6, 2020, after battling cancer for a very long time. Wolf stated that he feels close and connected to his father particularly while he was playing music live.

Mammoth WVH founder highlighted that he will never forget his memories with his father Eddie Van Halen as both being his son and his bandmate in Van Halen. Wolfgang stated that he is very happy to play the music that he listened with his father who was so proud to hear his son’s songs. He also added that he will keep on performing these songs as a tribute to the late Van Halen guitarist in his every performance.

Wolf said in his interview that:

“It’s really the only thing I’ve got any more, to feel that energy and that closeness with my dad. I’ll always have the memories, but there’s nothing better than just playing music live and playing the music that the two of us listened to together. We would listen to it all the time, and he was so proud and happy with it. It feels like every night I’m doing it for him.

It seems that Wolf Van Halen will continue to build a successful career as the Mammoth WVH frontman rather than only being known as Eddie Van Halen’s son and Van Halen’s former bassist. Wolf’s recent well-crafted works and live performances can also be regarded as proof.