Richie Faulkner Reveals Why Returning To Judas Priest Was The Best Decision He Made

Richie Faulkner recently sat down with Everyone Loves Guitar and shared some of his best decisions to date; besides having a baby, the guitarist revealed that quitting Judas Priest and returning a week later was a good call. He said:

“The best decisions I’ve made so far; having a baby, and I remember I quit, you know, one of those moments where I was carrying Marshalls out at three o’clock in the morning, and I quit the band like, ‘I’m not f*cking doing this,’ and a week later, I’ve decided to join again, that was a good decision.”

Even though the guitarist has been with Priest for the last twelve years with a minor week-long break in between, the guitarist knows that it will eventually have to come to an end. So the rocker created his own band, Elegant Weapons, last year, and they have just come out with their first LP called ‘Horns for a Halo.’

When Richie was asked by Blabbermouth recently about how it feels to step outside of the Priest ‘machinery’ with a new band and an album, the guitarist explained the reasons behind this ‘good’ decision:

“When you do something outside the machine, you take the machine with you. Would they approve? Is this good enough? You have to take that with you. Everything I do has got to be approved by Priest in my mind. It raises the bar. It’s doing something that can stand alongside Priest on its own two feet.”

You can watch Richie Faulkner’s interview with Everyone Loves Guitar and listen to ‘Horns for a Halo’ below.