RHCP’s Flea Reacts To David Crosby’s Comment About Musicians Who Smash Guitars

Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ bassist Flea shared a post o his official Twitter page sharing his opinion about David Crosby’s bold statement on musicians who smash their guitars on stage are ‘stupid’ and they cannot write according to him, however, Flea, apparently, has different opinions about the matter since he gave the example of the legendary Jimi Hendrix.

As many of you know, singer Phoebe Bridgers performed her two songs, ‘Kyoto’ and ‘I Know the End’ from her 2020 album, Punisher on Saturday Night Live. While performing on SNL is a great deal already, Bridgers managed to become one of the main topics online by the audience that night due to the fact that she smashed her guitar on a monitor in front of the stage at the end of ‘I Know the End.’

While the incident went viral online, people started to express their opinions whether the act was necessary or not, furthermore, some people expressed their concerns about the guitar and the monitor. Despite Bridgers revealed that it was an 85 dollar guitar and she told the guitar company she’s going to smash it in addition to smashing the guitar on a fake monitor, people did not stop talking still.

David Crosby also shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing his opinion about the matter by stating that guitars are only for playing and using them for ‘childish stage drama is simply stupid regardless of the person who has done it.

Here is what Crosby said:

“Guitars are for playing ..making music …..not stupidly bashing them on a fake monitor for childish stage drama …..I really do NOT give a flying F if others have done it before It’s still STUPID”

After a fan shared a post stating that he does not understand the idea behind smashing an instrument, Crosby shared another post on his official Twitter page and made even a bolder statement by revealing that if musicians cannot write, they smash guitars.

Here is what the fan said:

“I never understood the smashing of guitars or any instrument. What is the point?”

Here is what Crosby said:

It’s what you do if you can’t write

After seeing Crosby’s statement, Flea also shared a post on his official Twitter page expressing his confusion by stating that since the legendary musician Jimi Hendrix is widely known for smashing, furthermore, burning guitars on stage, he must be one of those musicians who cannot write according to Crosby’s statement, therefore, stressing the peculiarity of it.

Here is what Flea said:

Hendrix couldn’t write?

You can see the Twitter post below.