René Mata Introduces Reach NYC’s New Song Inspired By Chester Bennington

Get ready for an emotional journey as Reach NYC is working on their second album, which promises to be an all-star affair. With appearances by well-known musicians like Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, Sendog from Cypress Hill, and P.O.D.’s Sonny Sandoval and Marcos Muriel, the excitement is building. But one song stands out from the rest: ‘Killing Time,’ an emotionally charged tribute to the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. René Mata recently spoke to Revolver about the story behind the song.

The friendship between Reach NYC’s frontman René Mata and Chester Bennington was a strong one, and Bennington’s untimely death deeply affected Mata. The heartrending single, ‘Killing Time,’ is a reflection of the internal struggles Mata faced after losing his close friend. The song delves into the emotions he experienced after relapsing into addiction and falling into a deep depression following Chester’s passing.

Featuring guest guitar work from Marcos Muriel, ‘Killing Time’ takes listeners on a journey through the chaos of Mata’s subconscious during his relapse and depression. It’s a fierce battle between his heart, mind, and soul, and he’s candid about the fact that without the support of his recovery network, family, and friends, he may not have made it out alive. The raw emotions and experiences are unmistakably captured in the band’s performance and recording of the song.

Here is what Mata said about the song:

“The song is about my internal fight with myself after losing a close friend. I had relapsed after 25 years of sobriety and had fallen into a massive depression after Chester passed away. The video is the chaos in my subconscious in relapse and depression. A full-on war in my heart, head and soul. Without recovery, family and friends, I wouldn’t have made it out alive. I know the band conveyed it in their playing and recording of the song.”

Fans eagerly await the release of Reach NYC’s yet-to-be-titled new album, their first since the 2003 self-titled LP. Slated to hit shelves later this year through AFM Records, the album is expected to bring the same intensity and passion that has made Reach NYC stand out in the metal scene. In the meantime, listeners can find solace and inspiration in ‘Killing Time,’ a poignant expression of the power of music, friendship, and the will to overcome life’s most challenging moments.