Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith Explains Why Charlie Watts Didn’t Have Drum Solos

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith shared in an interview with Rolling Stone that one day Watts told him the reasons why he never had a solo in The Rolling Stones with his drums.

Charlie Watts’ recent death shook the music world deeply, and many celebrities are still talking about his contribution to the music world. Watts was a huge influence both with his talents and his manners, and everyone, especially his bandmates was sad to hear his passing.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ legendary drummer Chad Smith was also one of those people who was saddened by Watt’s death. He spoke about it to Rolling Stones and talked about the day he spent with Watts back in 2018. That day, the two drummers talked about drums, music, and jazz and Watts revealed to Smith why he didn’t have drum solos.

Here is how Smith told the story:

“And he told me, he said, ‘Chad, I see so many drummers who want to play fast and a lot of notes, and that’s great. I marvel at that. But the most important thing is your ears, to be a good listener. All the great jazz players because they improvised so much, you had to be a great listener. And I learned that really young.

The Bonhams and those guys, there was more of technique thing and Ginger Baker with his long drum solos. I don’t think Charlie Watts ever did a drum solo, did he? He was a supportive role: ‘This is what I do; this is my part in the band. And I know how to do it, I do it well, I make it feel good.'”

Watts revealed to Smith that listening is the most important aspect of playing drums. Trying to hit a lot of notes is not necessarily something great especially if one doesn’t listen first. Watts also stated that he was happy with his position in the band, and even though he didn’t do solos, he was still seen and appreciated.