Paul Stanley Refuses To Take Credit For Desmond Child’s Success

Desmond Child is gearing up to release his first memoir, ‘Livin’ On a Prayer: Big Songs Big Life’ on September 19th. The book will also include a foreword by KISS’ Paul Stanley. Desmond recently took to Twitter to thank Paul for his contribution to his career.

Desmond’s tweet where he thanked Paul for his mentorship read:

“A DEEP LOW BOW! To my mentor, collaborator, and friend Paul Stanley, who taught me how to write stadium anthems the KISS way. There is no Desmond Child without Paul Stanley! Want to read more about my incredible fun times writing with Paul Stanley for KISS?”

To which the frontman’s response was:

“Des’ book is fantastic. It’s an honor to be a part of his so-deserved fame as a hitmaker and career saver for some. With or without me he was destined for greatness. Respect and love.”

Child and Stanley have worked together on many songs, including the KISS hit ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You.’ Besides the disco track Desmond shared with Angel Alomo in 2020, the track they worked on that became a parody. The songwriter shared that experience by saying:

“I’ve written about 20 songs with Paul Stanley through the years. One of my favorite songs that we wrote was called ‘Live to Win.’ South Park did a parody of that song, which I just love so much.”

You can read Desmond Child and Paul Stanley’s tweets below.