Ray Luzier Shares How Brian Welch Inspired Him To Move Out Of LA


Korn drummer Ray Luzier recently joined The Drum Candy Podcast for an interview during which he talked about Brian Welch’s impact on his decision to leave Los Angeles.

Luzier was raised in West Newton, Pennsylvania, in a small town outside Pittsburgh. He then took an interest in music and began playing drums when he was just five years old. Later on, he moved to Hollywood, California, to further his education in music at the Musicians Institute.

In June 2016, Luzier married his longtime girlfriend and model Aspen Brandy Lea. With his wife and their two sons, Hudson Ray and Beck Jagger, Ray Luzier lived in Los Angeles for 16 years. However, he later decided to move his family to Nashville. As it turns out, his bandmate Brian Welch was the one who inspired him while making this decision.

In the interview with The Drum Candy Podcast, Luzier said that it would be his eight years in the Nashville area. He then stated that it’s kind of crazy as Korn is based in Bakersfield, California. Moreover, Luzier noted that he asked Brian Welch when will he move back to California when he rejoined Korn, but Welch told him he would never live in LA.

Luzier then said he questioned how Welch would carry out his work with Korn, but the guitarist told him there are airports and the Internet. The drummer said Lea didn’t like living in LA, so he started considering leaving after talking to Welch. As a result, he got permission from Korn and moved to Nashville. 

During the conversation, Ray Luzier said the following:

“I moved to the Nashville area — June, it’ll be eight years here, which is nuts, ’cause I’m still in a band based in Bakersfield, California. I always joke with people, ‘I have a two-thousand-mile commute to work.’

When Head rejoined the band in 2013, I said to him first thing, ’cause he lived out here in Nashville. I said, ‘When are you gonna move back to Cali?’ And he said, ‘I’ll never live in L.A.’

And I said, ‘How are you gonna be in the band?’ And he was, like, ‘There are airports and Internet, isn’t there?’ And right at the time, my wife and I had just had our first kid; it was almost three years into it.

I was thinking to myself, ‘Man…’ ‘Cause my wife never really got L.A. And I was, like, ‘Man, I wonder if we can get out of here,’ if it was feasible enough. So I got permission from the band.”

You can watch the full interview below.