Nikki Sixx Shares Update On Mötley Crüe And Guns N’ Roses Tour

In a recent post on X, Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx gave new details on the long-discussed joint tour with Guns N’ Roses.

There are rumors about the possibility of a tour featuring two bands since last year. During a Q&A session with fans on the platform, a user asked the bassist to share an update. Sixx replied:

“We tried. It just didn’t work out for now. Would be a great tour. You never know.”

The Background Of A Possible Co-Headlining Tour

The speculation began in July 2023 when Nikki expressed a desire for the two bands to tour together, writing:

“I think us and Guns [N’ Roses] would destroy the world.”

Sixx took to X again in August 2023 and talked about the idea of a co-headlining tour:

“We think it would be a killer tour for the fans, but nothing is in the works. We’re still figuring out what’s next (next year) for us….”

In September 2023, Nikki said he was willing to tour with GNR one more time during a Q&A session:

“We think it would be a great tour for fans and both bands alike. Everybody is touring and working right now. If something that massive was to happen, it would just have to happen naturally.”

John 5 Adds His Opinion

Although the musician showed his interest, there was no further development on a possible tour. Later, in November 2023, Mötley Crüe guitarist John 5 also spoke about it during an Appetite For Distortion podcast episode. He said:

“Well, if you were to ask me in a reality sense, like bands that are touring and bands that I love, my number one would be Guns N’ Roses. And me and Nikki [Sixx] talked about this. He was, like, ‘Who would you wanna tour with?’ No — someone was asking us; I forget who it was. Someone was asking us, and we both said, ‘Oh, Guns N’ Roses.’ And just because it’s such a perfect fit. We both love them very much. And we’re friends. I mean, I love all the guys so much, and I’ve been friends with them for a very long time. I mean, a long time.”

Mötley Crüe has a busy schedule ahead. They will perform on May 3 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and later at Welcome to Rockville and Summerfest 2024.

You can see Nikki’s tweet below.