Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy Defends David Lee Roth’s Vocal Abilities

Stephen Pearcy is currently on the road for ‘The 1980’s Sunset Strip Experience’ Tour. Still, he took the time for a chat with Goldmine Magazine to name his top 5 favorite vocalists, in which he included David Lee Roth and defended his singing.

The former Ratt vocalist expressed his love for Van Halen’s performances with Roth and said:

“Anyone who saw Van Halen in ’78 or ’79 knows exactly how awesome they were on stage. And a lot of people justifiably talk about Eddie Van Halen, but we can’t discredit David Lee Roth. I remember going to see them in ’78 or ’79 and being totally f-cking blown away. I was like, ‘Wow, how this guy moves and sings is something else.'”

In response to those who questioned the former Van Halen frontman’s vocal abilities, he added:

“Nobody was really doing what he did. David Lee Roth was so theatrical and, really, one of the best frontmen around for a long time. Some people criticize him or say he can’t sing, but I disagree. As far as frontmen go, being able to do what he did while jumping and kicking around was pretty impressive.”

Pearcy first met David Lee Roth in 1980 at The Whisky A Go-Go, where Van Halen was taking the stage. During this period, the singer also became friends with Eddie Van Halen through the vocalist, which he recalled in a 2022 interview with Metal Edge Magazine.

After explaining that he knew where to find the band members before the shows, the ex-Ratt frontman went on:

“So I drove myself up to the Whisky, and I just parked around the corner, on Clark St, and waited. And soon enough, I f*cking saw Dave Lee Roth pull up, park, and walk up the steps. And I just yelled out, ‘You wanna smoke a joint?’ He said yeah, and I got in. And once I was inside, I said, ‘Later! Where’s Ed?'”

Following this, Pearcy met Eddie and stayed in touch with both musicians while he moved Ratt to Los Angeles. Now, years later, his band is on an indefinite hiatus, waiting for a reunion.