Gary Moore’s Kind Response To Vivian Campbell’s Compliment

Although he was primarily associated with his remarkable solo career, Gary Moore also played with numerous bands like Skid Row and Thin Lizzy. As a solo artist, he debuted with his 1978 album, ‘Back on the Streets.’ He revolved around different genres like blues, hard rock, heavy metal, and jazz throughout his long-term career, and while his early records had more bluesy sounds, he then transitioned into heavy metal and hard rock-based records.

He reconnected with his blues roots occasionally at some points and continued experimenting with other genres too. The legendary guitarist had an immediately recognizable and stunning guitar playing style. He was heavily influenced by Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, and Albert Collins. Moore is still considered among the most talented and technically skilled guitarists in blues history.

Gary Moore found a unique way to fuse the traditional form of the blues with different genres. In a way, he also helped revive the blues and inspired numerous guitarists coming after him. He put intense emotion into his playing, which helped him express himself. Moore was greatly appreciated by rock musicians and now let’s hear what Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell said about him and how Moore reacted to that.

Vivian Campbell Called Gary Moore ‘God’s Gift To Guitar Playing’

Gary Moore was undoubtedly accustomed to hearing compliments from his fans and the people around him, but it should be more flattering to receive praise from another musician. Back in 1986, the guitarist joined an interview with Power Hour, during which the interviewer reminded Moore of Vivian Campbell‘s words about him. As said in the conversation, Campbell once called Gary Moore ‘God’s gift to guitar playing.’

Upon hearing that, Gary Moore responded by saying that he wouldn’t think of himself that way, but it was still flattering for him to receive such a compliment. Moore explained that it was not the same thing when a musician and another person who didn’t play instruments appreciated his work. For him, being praised by a musician like him increased his credibility as a guitarist.

Moore revealed that a person who didn’t play any instrument would never know whether that musician faked it or not. On the other hand, a musician would easily understand that as he has enough technical competence. Gary Moore humbly replied to Vivian Campbell’s praise and gave a kind response.

Here is how Gary Moore reacted to Vivian Campbell’s compliment:

“I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s very flattering when other musicians do appreciate what you’re doing because it gives you that extra bit of credibility, whereas if it was only people who didn’t play instruments that appreciated you. You could be bluffing your way all the way through, and who knows whether you could play or not.”

You can listen to the entire conversation below.