Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan On Having Retirement Plans

Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins is one busy bee, and the singer sure doesn’t like to put all his eggs in one basket. Not only did Corgan release Act 1 of 3 of Pumpkins’ new album ‘Atum,’ he has been on tour with Jane’s Addiction alongside his philanthropy work. Despite being in gear for most of his career, the lead singer revealed to KROQ that he had a rough idea of his retirement plans without giving any official timelines as to when.

Earlier this fall, the band announced their rock opera album ‘Atum,’ consisting of 33 songs in three acts. They also announced that each act would be released every 11 weeks, starting with the release of Act 1 on November 15. The entire collection of the three acts will be revealed to fans next spring.

Alongside a strategic album release, the rocker also created a podcast called Thirty Three With William Patrick Corgan, in which the singer discusses the inspiration behind every song from the new album with each episode. Pumpkins’ didn’t end their announcement train there as they also gave fans the news of their Spirits On Fire Tour with Jane’s Addiction.

Corgan, who has been doing the most this past year, was asked by KROQ whether he ever considered retiring, referring to Elton John’s last show at Dodger Stadium, where he said goodbye to his fans.

All the time,” Corgan replied when the interviewer asked whether he was satisfied with what he has left behind so far in his career and whether he ever thought about quitting. “Yes, I do,” then the singer said when asked if he had a general idea about the issue. Even though the rocker didn’t give a timeline for fans to prepare themselves for his retirement one day, he did confirm that he has plans set in motion.

Even though the Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction had been on the road for some time, a few mishaps on the way have caused them to cancel a few dates out of their tour. Initially, Perry Farrell had to cancel five shows due to his injury, and not long after that, Corgan’s voice box inflamed and turned into laryngitis. These setbacks affected the bands, and they eventually informed fans that they would return to the road next summer. While there are summer dates available for purchase, you might want to take advantage as this might be Pumpkins’ last time on the road.