The Pink Floyd Song David Gilmour Will Never Play Live


Since their appearance on the rock music scene in 1965, Pink Floyd members immediately distinguished themselves from their peers with their pioneering style. Each band member brought something to the table and put their signature on many classic songs, which remained timeless. They’ve always stuck to a complex formula while creating their works and enriched their music with dense and impressive arrangements.

Even though it must be hard to decide on one, every band member probably has their favorite Pink Floyd song from a vast recorded catalog that stretches over a dozen albums and hundreds of songs. Interestingly, the iconic band’s guitarist David Gilmour‘s favorite Pink Floyd song to play live is the one he will never perform.

Which Pink Floyd Song Does David Gilmour Refuse To Perform?


Understandably, many artists get tired of playing the same hit songs for decades and decades since they are primarily the most requested ones from the fans. Maybe these classic songs made them famous and brought them enormous popularity, yet performing them live for each concert may be challenging for the musicians after a certain point. Still, some of them enjoy playing these specific tracks tirelessly.

During a live appearance with his family in the quarantine period in 2020, David Gilmour answered many fan questions, including his favorite song to play live from Pink Floyd. The guitarist revealed that his favorite track he enjoyed most performing was ‘Echoes,’ which the band released as the sixth and last track from their 1971 album, ‘Meddle.’ The group’s late keyboardist Richard Wright also played an active role in the composing process of the song, and it was one of his favorite pieces from the band’s catalog.

Gilmour didn’t forget to mention his late bandmate while answering the question and said that the song was a terrific duet between him and Wright, so he shouldn’t play it live anymore since the keyboardist passed away. The guitarist has remained true to his statement and never played ‘Echoes’ live since performing it with Wright on his ‘On an Island’ solo tour in 2006.

David Gilmour’s words on the song he will never play live:

“‘Echoes,’ I would say. It was terrific fun to play, particularly on my last solo tour and the solo tour in 2006 with Rick Wright. I always look at that song as being very much a duet thing between him and me. So that was terrific, and it couldn’t and shouldn’t be played again now that he is dead.”

You can listen to Pink Floyd’s ‘Echoes’ below.