Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy Considers Attempts To Mimic Steven Tyler ‘Ridiculous’

A few days ago, Stephen Pearcy sat down for a chat with Goldmine, where he named his five favorite vocalists and added Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler as the sixth name to the list. While talking about his choice, the former Ratt singer also had something to say about copying the artist.

First, explaining why he chose Tyler as one of his favorites, Pearcy said:

“I was supposed to pick five, but I’m gonna give you six. And I guess I should say that these aren’t in order because that’s way too f-cking hard. (laughs) So, the last guy I absolutely have to talk about is Steven Tyler. If there’s one guy that I was maybe most influenced by early on, it was probably him.”

He shared the singer’s influence on him and went on:

“I never tried to emulate Steven Tyler. I’d never try to do that because he’s not someone you can even try to emulate. He’s his own thing. The idea that anyone would try, to me, is totally ridiculous. But he was and is a massive influence on me. Like I said, Aerosmith’s sound played a big role in how were developed Ratt. And Steven Tyler had a big impact on me personally.”

Pearcy carried that influence to his band’s work. Ratt covered Aerosmith’s ‘Walkin’ The Dog’ in their self-titled debut EP in 1983. After that, the vocalist continued to sing the band’s songs here and there.

For example, back in 2016, he performed a cover version of ‘Draw The Line’ during his show for ‘Ultimate Jam Night’ at Whisky A Go Go. You can check it out in the video below.