Queen’s Brian May Says Tony Iommi Symbolizes The ‘Endurance Of Rock’

Queen guitarist Brian May recently shared an Instagram post including a video of Tony Iommi performing in the opening ceremony of Birmingham’s 2022 Commonwealth Games. May praised Iommi’s performance and his successful representation of rock music throughout the decades.

Commonwealth Games is an international sporting event in which anyone within the Commonwealth of Nations can participate. It was first held in 1930 and has become a quadrennial multi-sport event. This year’s games, which started on July 28 and will end on August 8, are currently taking place in Birmingham, England.

The opening ceremonies of the 2022 Commonwealth Games took place at Alexander Stadium, with an audience of over 30,000, on July 28. It was also broadcasted live on BBC One and iPlayer to an estimated one billion global audience. While the new wave group Duran Duran headlined the ceremony, Black Sabbath guitar legend Tony Iommi also performed a dream sequence piece titled ‘Hear My Voice’ alongside critically acclaimed saxophonist Soweto Kinch.

The perfect harmony between Iommi’s impressive guitar riffs and Kinch’s saxophone sound received great applause from the audience. Brian May also praised Tony Iommi’s performance with his recent Instagram post, featuring a video of the Black Sabbath guitarist performing at the event. May described the opening piece as brilliant and wrote in the caption that Iommi symbolizes the ‘pursuit of excellence‘ and the ‘endurance of rock.’ Brian May said he is proud of his friend for successfully handling such a big responsibility and pressure.

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“Wow! Monumental! Finally managed to find a clip from the backstage of Tony Iommi’s brilliant opening piece for the Commonwealth Games – symbolizing the pursuit of excellence, the endurance of rock, and the spirit of Birmingham! So proud of my dear friend – I have some idea of the pressure on his shoulders at that moment! Magnificent! Bri.”

You can watch Iommi’s performance at the opening ceremony below.