Yungblud Reacts To The Racist Abuse That Football Players Faced After The Europe 2020 Final

In one of his Instagram stories, Yungblud has shared his opinions on the recent issue of racism which was directed at Black players in the England football team after the Euro 2020 final defeat.

The racist abuse of black players that took place on social media makes the headlines these days, which happened after Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, and Bukayo Saka who were all Blacks missed spot-kicks during the finals. It is known that Italy won the shoot-out 3-2 and after the match, the players were targeted on social media and racially abused.

Apart from that, England football team players’ kneeling before each of their matches to show unity against racism and inequality has also caused anger among the England fanbase as some of them booed while the players knelt. The shameful events drew the reaction of England’s Football Association, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the England team as they condemned the racist abuse targeting Black players.

As seen in one of his Instagram stories, Yungblud was also disturbed by the racist abuse aimed at the players. He wrote in an Instagram story that he is heartbroken to see the amount of racism and abuse in an event that was supposed to bring everyone together. He then addressed his fans, urging them to report any racist act if they come across one, and saying they can make a difference.

Yungblud said in his Instagram Story that:

“It breaks my heart to see the amount of racism and abuse generated around an opportunity that was supposed to bring everyone together and spread love and unity. If you see any racism whatsoever online, report it. Keep fighting with your voice! You can make a difference.

Below is the story Yungblud has shared on his Instagram.

Photo Credit: Yungblud – Instagram Stories