Pixies’ David Lovering Says Robert Plant Once Wanted Him To Join His Band As The Drummer

Pixies drummer David Lovering recently appeared in an interview with NME and revealed his memory of Robert Plant‘s invitation for him to join his band as a drummer.

Pixies released its fourth studio album ‘Trompe le Monde,’ in 1991 before their break up. After they reunited in 2003, they made several appearances at concerts and festivals but did not come up with any new album. The band released three EPs between 2013 and 2014. Then, they delighted the fans with a new album more than two decades after the latest one.

The fifth studio album ‘Indie Cindy’ came out in April 2014 and featured the extended play releases of the EP1, Ep2, and EP3. The album became Pixies’ most successful work on the US Billboard chart, reaching number 23. In the following years, the record was awarded gold by selling more than 70.000 copies in Europe.

In 2014, Robert Plant also released his tenth solo album ‘Lullaby and the Ceaseless Roar.’ It became the singer’s first album with his backing band, the Sensational Space Shifters. He also organized a North America tour for the album’s promotion. In 2015, Pixies hit the road with Plant as the tour’s opening act.

During a recent interview, Pixies’ David Lovering revealed some details about their invitation for the tour. When he was asked about the unexpected fan of Pixies, he pointed out Robert Plant by opening up about how they met. While on a plane, they encountered a person who talked about World Cup and realized that he was Plant as they were landing.

Lovering stated that the singer had already known them when they introduced themselves and called them ‘Boston’s finest.’ As David noted, Plant asked them to join his 2015 tour and also wanted him to join his band as a drummer following this coincidence.

David Lovering said the following when asked the unexpected person who is a fan of Pixies:

“Apart from David Bowie, after playing a festival one year, we were sat on a plane talking about the World Cup, and all of a sudden, this guy in the seat opposite chimes in, debating the merits of the various teams. As the plane’s landing, we work out it’s Robert Plant. When we’re collecting our bags, we introduce ourselves as the Pixies, and he responds: ‘I know! Boston’s finest!’. It was because of that meeting he asked us to open for him on his American tour in 2015, and there was talk of him wanting me to join his band as the drummer.”

In 2019, Pixies released its seventh album ‘Beneath the Eyrie’ with the lead single ‘On Graveyard Hill.’ In February 2022, they announced they would release the upcoming album entitled ‘Doggerel’ on September 30, 2022. Furthermore, the album will include a song that references Van Halen, as the frontman Black Francis noted in the previous days.