Pixies’ Black Francis Explains The Van Halen Reference In Upcoming Album

Pixies frontman Black Francis recently joined an interview with NME and revealed that the band had a Van Halen-referenced song in its forthcoming album.

When alternative rock became highly popular in the ’90s, Pixies gained an essential spot in the music scene. It attracted the audience with its combination of punk rock and surf rock sound. The band’s music is known for a style that goes from loud to quiet and then loud again.

Francis’ unique songwriting skills have been another element that has impressed their fans. He has dramatically impacted the rock scene with his surreal lyrics that talk about extraterrestrials. While the band initially had modest recognition in the US, they gained more success in the UK. They became an influence on impactful bands such as Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins.

The group earned such considerable success even after their split that it provided them to reunite in 2004. Since that year, the band hit the road for massive tours and released significant albums like ‘Indie Cindy’ and ‘Head Carrier.’ Their most recent album was ‘Beneath the Eyrie’ which came out in 2019. In February 2022, Black Francis announced that he wrote forty songs for the band’s upcoming record. The band will release their new album, ‘Doggerel,’ and the single ‘There’s a Moon On’ on September 30, 2022.

In a recent interview, Francis talked about their forthcoming album and gave hints about its content. He opened up about the song ‘Dregs of the Wine,’ which references another notable band, Van Halen. As he revealed, the lyrics reflected a made-up argument between him and his first wife. According to the song, they cannot agree on which version of ‘You Really Got Me’ they prefer. While he chooses the original version from The Kinks, his wife likes the version by Van Halen. Francis stated that they gave this fake story to people as a reason for their breakup. He noted that this was an inside joke between him and her.

Black Francis explained that the song ‘Dregs of the Wine’ had a Van Halen reference:

“That was a song about a time in my life when I lived in LA with my first wife; lots of trips to Las Vegas and lots of boozing and drugging were going on. It’s a warm reminiscence of those times. The argument about Van Halen is a reference to a fake argument that my wife and I constructed to give a reason for our breakup. ‘What shall we say to all the nice people who ask why we broke up?’ That shall be our stated reason. So it’s just a fond inside-humor between her and me.”

You can listen to the two versions of ‘You Really Got Me’ below.