Pink Reveals Lisa Marie Presley Was Surrounded By Fake People

Lisa Marie Presley and Pink were known to be close to each other, and after Pink’s tribute to Lisa on her Instagram account, she talked about her again in an interview with Hit Network. The singer explained some details about their relationship and Presley’s social circle.

Presley passed away earlier this year at the age of 54. Following her death, people who knew her, such as Axl Rose, shared their feelings on the news. Pink, who was a good friend of hers, paid tribute to Lisa via Instagram with a heartfelt message. During a recent interview, she was asked about her friendship with Lisa and what made them so close.

To answer the question, Pink revealed that she met Lisa when she first arrived in California and noticed that she had a lot of fake people surrounding her. She indicated that they became friends because she was not one of them. According to her, the two of them were the real ones.

She also recalled that her dog, Elvis, was given to her by Lisa Marie and was named accordingly. The singer explained that Presley presented the puppy to her at a Christmas party the night before she was flying to her mom’s house ‘who just got new carpets.’ Finding this move bold, she named the dog after her friend’s late father.

When asked about her relationship with Lisa, Pink replied:

“Yeah, she was one of my first friends when I moved out to California by myself. I don’t even know how we met. We probably met at a studio somewhere, and I gather that she had a lot of bullsh*t around her, and I wasn’t that. So, we became fast friends.

She actually gave me the dog that’s tattooed on my arm, Elvis. And I named him Elvis because I thought it was pretty ballsy to walk out at a Christmas party and hand someone a puppy the night before they’re flying to their mom’s house who just got new carpets.

So, Priscilla came up to me and said, ‘What are you gonna name it?’ And I was like, ‘Elvis?’ So, that dog was the love of my life. Yeah, she was rad! She was one of the real ones, man, and she got quite a stack of cards in this lifetime. Yeah, she was a good one, and I loved her very much. And, you know… Complicated.”

Pink’s tribute to Lisa Marie Presley and her recent interview revealed that Presley had ‘fake people’ around her. This prompted the two to start a friendship, and apparently, they were close friends until Presley’s untimely death.