Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Says He’s Disgusted By The Labor Movement In UK

Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters shared a video on his official Twitter account in which he criticized and expressed how disgusted he is by the UK government letting Israel put Keir Starmer instead of Jeremy Corby. According to the musician, the Labor Movement in the United Kingdom is being led by Israel which is destroying the hopes of the working class in England.

For those of you who may not know, Roger Waters is quite an outspoken musician and has an unapologetically honest attitude about anything and everything he needs to express. The Pink Floyd bassist is widely known for his support for Palestinians and boycotting the Israeli government. He once even asked FIFA and UEFA to exclude Israeli teams from international competition in order to stop racism in soccer.

In addition to this, the legendary bassist has also revealed how he finds the detention of Julian Assange wrong as the founder of Wikileaks has been serving time since 2010 after being sentenced for his crimes, publishing classified diplomatic information. According to Roger Waters, Assange must be forgiven in order to rebuild democracy since his case represents freedom of speech.

Recently, Roger Waters shared a video on his official Twitter page which always means something controversial and debatable is on its way. In the video, the bassist started his words by expressing the following statements that are crucially important and stated that he just received an e-mail from the media officer of the Jewish Voice of Labour, Naomi Wimborne-Idriss. According to the mail, the Labour Party is now preparing a list of proscription for left organizations.

Furthermore, Roger Waters claimed that this is a strategy created by Israel since the ministry of strategic affairs in Tel Aviv dismissed Jeremy Corby in the United Kingdom and instead, brought an ‘Israeli government puppet,‘ Keir Starmer. Implying that it’s Israel that’s behind all this, Waters expressed how disgusted he feels after seeing the collapse of the labor movement in England which is going to result in the death of the hopes of the working class.

Roger Water’s statement in his video follows:

“This is unbelievably important. I’ve got an e-mail here just coming from my friend Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, just one of the people involved in this fight with the Labour Party. She’s from the Jewish Voice of Labour and apparently tomorrow, Labor’s national executive committee is expected to confirm the creation of a proscription list of left organizations.

How unbelievably disgusting is that, ‘of left organizations’? This is ongoing from the ministry of strategic affairs in Tel Aviv deposed Jeremy Corby in the UK, in our country, my country, a country that I am a citizen of.

They deposed the leader of the Labour Party who was about to win a general election. Instead emplaced an Israeli government puppet, Keir Starmer and he’s trying to write this crap, get it to post to the national executive committee of the Labour Party.

The point is, I’m gonna put this out as a tweet now because I’m disgusted by the way the labor movement in England has been finally taken over by the Blair rights ’cause Keir Starmer being the principal leader of the Blair rights. What they want to do is absolutely destroy the Labor Movement in the United Kingdom and it’s disgusting and it’s at the best of the government of a foreign country.

That foreign country being, Israel. So, all the hopes and aspirations of the working class in England are being thrown down the toilet, because the Zionists want to maintain their position and go on propagating their racist, settler-colonialist regime in the Middle East.

I am against it, my name is Roger Waters, I am a humble bass player but f*ck it! Enough is enough Keir Starmer and John Ware, the appalling director of that dreadful program that BBC Panorama brought out about.”

You can see the Twitter post below.