Pink Floyd Announces The New Website Dedicated To Their Iconic Keyboardist Richard Wright


Pink Floyd recently posted a tweet on their official Twitter account and showed their support for the new website created in honor of their late bandmate, the talented keyboardist and vocalist Richard Wright.

As you know Richard Wright was one of the founders of the iconic band Pink Floyd and although he left the band in 1979 due to the increasing tensions between him and Roger Waters, he rejoined David Gilmour and Nick Mason shortly after Waters’ decision to quit in 1985.

David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason continued the Pink Floyd legacy until the second’s passing. The rock world mourned Richard Wright’s death on September 15, 2009, after a fierce battle with lung cancer, and some years after that, Pink Floyd decided to retire.

In their recent tweet, the band members advised their fans to check out the new Richard Wright website created by his family. The webpage aims to celebrate his life, legacy, and music, hoping to provide ‘a unique insight into his musical life‘ through different means such as his interviews, photos, or moments that he has captured himself.

Here’s what Pink Floyd said in their tweet:

“Richard Wright’s family have created a website celebrating him, to give a unique insight into his musical life, with pictures & film of him, and also taken by him. They’ve purposefully kept words to a minimum on the site, which is well worth exploring… “

This is how the aim of the website is described in the ‘About’ section:

“Giving him an online presence is well overdue and we have spent some time curating and achieving content that we feel best celebrates his legacy in a way he would feel comfortable with.

Through his own words and images, his musical loves and photos as well as the words of those who knew and worked with him, we believe that he would be happy to have this more personal window into his creative world opened.”

You can check out Pink Floyd’s tweet below and click here to check out the website mentioned above.