David Crosby Says Drugs Absolutely Helped His Career But They Almost Killed Him

The Byrds’ David Crosby revealed how drugs affect musicians during a recent interview with Loudersound and reflected on how its side effects impacted his life.

It is not a myth that drugs can make people think more creatively. Many artists have used drugs to create original material, such as painters and musicians. However, saying that it is purely a good thing is incorrect. In the conversation, Crosby admitted that he used different types of drugs throughout his lifetime and unveiled that some of them helped his career while others almost destroyed it.

David pointed out that taking drugs enhanced his creative process and helped him to write new songs. Taking low dosage drugs and hallucinogens increased his creativity. However, the frontman mentioned that using cocaine and heroin almost took him down. As Crosby said, they almost killed him and destroyed his whole career.

David Crosby talked about drugs in the interview:

“There’s absolutely no question that taking drugs enhanced my creative process. Taking hallucinogens probably helped, in part, but obviously, drugs are all different, and cocaine and heroin took me right down.

I ended up in a Texas prison. There’s no way around it, it nearly killed me, destroyed my career, fucked me up bad.”

Further in the conversation, David also showed his stance against racism by saying that racial prejudice is nothing but a joke. Also, the singer stated that that kind of people don’t understand how the human race works.