Phil Collins’ Impression Of Bruce Springsteen

Phil Collins and Bruce Springsteen have so much in common. Both are highly influential musicians with numerous chart-toppers and best-sellers in their music catalogs. However, probably the most significant difference between the two is the characteristics of their music. Springsteen is the originator of heartland rock, combining mainstream rock with working-class life narratives, whereas Collins has lyrics inspired mainly by his personal life.

Springsteen’s six-decades-long music career filled with successful hits granted him the nickname the Boss. His songs about social and political issues and lengthy shows filled with heartfelt speeches have entertained a vast audience throughout the years. According to a 1986 interview with Playboy, Phil Collins, who rarely speaks well of his fellow musicians, had a good impression of Springsteen.

Phil Collins knows his manners, but this doesn’t prevent him from rebuking other musicians. He had blamed Led Zeppelin for performing poorly during the disastrous Live Aid show, hated Paul McCartney for his big ego, and claimed the Gallagher brothers were rude and not talented as they thought they were. However, it appears Collins is fond of Springsteen, although they can be considered rivals.

Speaking about his fellow musician in a 1986 interview with Playboy, Phil admitted that he liked what Springsteen did as an artist — capturing the imagination of the working class. Resembling Springsteen’s music to Chuck Berry’s, Collins said he appreciated the Boss’ music although he didn’t know much about the musician’s early career. He then named his favorite Springsteen song: ‘Born In The U.S.A.

“I’ve always liked the idea of Springsteen,” admitted Phil Collins. “Everyman’s music for everyman, you know; it captures the imagination of the workingman. Chuck Berry did the same thing. I don’t know that much about Springsteen’s older songs, but I like what he stands for. ‘Born In The U.S.A.’ is just fantastic. It has a great atmosphere, and it’s a great song.”

So, although Phil Collins doesn’t pull his punches when criticizing other musicians in the scene, it seems like he liked Bruce Springsteen’s musicianship. In Collins’ eyes, Springsteen was good at what he intended to do throughout the years — telling the story of the working class as a person who knows them well. Moreover, it looks like the rocker’s successful hit ‘Born In The U.S.A.’ also won Phil’s heart.