Phil Collins’ Confession About Peter Gabriel

The question of whether Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel is better might be one of those queries with no concluded answers, as everyone has their pieces of opinions. Still, that didn’t stop fans from bickering and comparing the two rockers to one another, often trying to figure out which one had more success.

And while making those comparisons, some apparently realized how Collins’ vocals were uncannily similar to Gabriel, whether the way the singer accented notes or adapted vocal styles. So, when Phil was answering questions on The Guardian’s ‘webchat series’ in 2016, a fan couldn’t help but ask whether Peter had influenced his singing since they sounded pretty alike.

Collins, however, had a confession to make while answering the question, as he firmly denied the suggestion that he copied his predecessor’s vocals, though, nonetheless, admitting he was aware of how they sounded similar.

The rocker revealed:

“That’s [sounding similar to Peter] pure coincidence! The thing I used to say was that we were singing the same melodies, and it wasn’t as if we were a blues band and he was singing, and I ended up sounding the same – with Genesis, we sang melodies that were written rather than improvised.

But my influences were Steve Winwood back in the old days; now, I would say John Martyn, maybe Bruce Hornsby. There’s a purity of the way they sing. Winwood, I kind of sounded a little bit like him in the early days.

I didn’t so much want it. It was someone who recognized that, a good friend that was Joe Cocker’s drummer, who suggested quite strongly that I stop drumming and start singing. That was late 60s – before Woodstock.”

So, although the frontman didn’t accept he imitated Gabriel on purpose, Collins had to admit he was aware that they sounded similar. Still, he noted other fellow rockers as his influences rather than naming his former Genesis bandmate, not giving in to the accusations.