Phil Anselmo On Vinnie Paul, ‘The Best Drummer I’ve Ever Played With’


Pantera lead singer Phil Anselmo recently opened up about his favorite songs of the band during an interview with Revolver. Apparently, his list includes ‘Becoming’ and the song reminded him of the best drummer he has ever worked with, his late bandmate Vinnie Paul with whom he remained on non-speaking terms up until his passing.

As some of you might know, former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo opened up about the breakup of the band during an interview with Metal Hammer magazine back in 2004. Unfortunately, the musician said unpleasant things about his former bandmate, guitarist Dimebag Darrell and stated that he seriously deserves to be beaten just one week before the guitarist passed away because of an onstage shooting with his new band Damageplan.

The controversial statement follows:

“He would attack me, vocally. And just knowing that he was so much smaller than me I could kill him like a fuckin’ piece of vapor, you know, he would turn into vapor — his chin would, at least, if I fuckin’ smacked it. And he knows that. The world should know that. So physically, of course, he deserves to be beaten severely.”

Given that his brother and bandmate passed away shortly after another bandmember said such damaging things, Vinnie Paul and Phil Anselmo’s relationship deteriorated. The two didn’t stay in touch with each other for years since the drummer indirectly blamed Anselmo for the murder of Dimebag and when Vinnie Paul suddenly passed away on June 22, 2018, the two were still not talking to each other.

While revealing his top five Pantera songs during the interview, the singer included the monumental ‘Becoming’ to his as well and looked back on the creation of the track. In addition to stating it was him and Dimebag Darrel who came up with the song at first, Anselmo pointed out that the two were later joined by Vinnie’s extraordinary drum beat and that’s when he first revealed his opinions on the drummer.

While praising the drummer for his genius drum beat for the song which was a great moment for the band according to the vocalist, Phil Anselmo also stated that Vinnie Paul was a one-of-a-kind, interesting, and innovative drummer. On top of this, the musician surprisingly kept on celebrating his former bandmate by referring to him as the best drummer he has ever played with as well.

In his own words during the interview, Anselmo stated:

“That was me and Dimebag, for sure. It might have been all of us. But still, Dime had the riff, but when Vince came up with the drumbeat, that’s when I… I mean, what do you say to that? I was, like, ‘Yes. Keep doing it over and over and over. It’s fucking awesome.’ So, yeah, man, that was a great moment. That was incredible. When Vince fell in with the drumbeat, all of us — even Dimebag stopped playing, it was so impressive.

Yeah, man, Vince’s unique feet on that damn song. So unique. So interesting. So innovative. The dude was a fucking tight and incredible fucking player. Like, literally the best drummer I’ve ever played with, and I’ve played with fucking great drummers, man — blessed with great drummers. But Vince is — no one’s better than Vince; no way. Vince had his strong points and strong suits, but, man, talk about adaptability too.”

You can listen to ‘Becoming’ by Pantera below.