Dave Mustaine Believes Metallica Didn’t Expect Him To Rise From His Ashes

After being ‘cast aside’ by Metallica at the brink of mega success, Dave Mustaine rose again from his ashes to begin his journey with his own band Megadeth. The frontman now celebrates 40 years of being in the scene; however, he shared with Guitar World that Metallica had doubts regarding whether he would attain the kind of success they had.

Even though the breakup was a hurdle and a half for Mustaine, he overcame the challenge of being the odd one out and began his journey by founding Megadeth and continuing his career at the top level ever since. The frontman shared that after Metallica backstabbed him and he was held back from his full potential, his solution, which has lasted 40 years with his band, has been the highlight of that sticky situation.

From the band’s beginning to now, Mustaine has maintained his integrity, and even through the times that got really tough, he rose above and continued to make music that has stood the test of time and resonated with fans over the world and has managed to keep the Megadeth legacy alive.

Dave Mustaine’s words about Megadeth’s longevity in the industry read:

“A lot of it is the take-no-shit attitude. People know Metallica has always tried to hold me back. They never expected me to do what I did after they f*cked me over, but I succeeded and made better records along the way. But I don’t care because I’m happy with my success, and I’ve had plenty of it. The music we make now tells you all that you need to know. But I hope we can tour together before it’s all said and done, but I don’t know if we will.”

He added:

“As far as looking back at everything from the beginning, I think I’ve maintained my integrity. When I injured my arm, I sold off all my gear to pay the people I owed money to. When most bands end, they say, ‘F*ck it,’ and leave their vendors holding the bag. Not me. I’m way different. I’m old-fashioned. I’m old-school. I do what I say I’m going to do. That’s why Megadeth is still here.”

While it wasn’t a smooth process for Mustaine to get to this point, the frontman said what he meant and created a band that has not only existed for decades but also curated a discography of tracks showcasing his talent. So Dave did the unexpected and stood up after falling down, and Megadeth’s ongoing career proves that.