Peter Frampton Recalls Mick Jagger’s Excuse For Not Hiring Him To The Rolling Stones

Even though Peter Frampton enjoyed significant commercial success in the late ’70s, fame didn’t really help his career the way the guitarist wished. There were numerous incidents where publicity damaged his musical reputation. Frampton discussed the infamous period of his career with Classic Rock Magazine and disclosed why Mick Jagger didn’t let him into the Rolling Stones.

Peter started building a reputation with Humble Pie, but significant publicity came into play when he released his solo album, ‘Frampton Comes Alive.’ Rolling Stone was one of the magazines that scored an interview with Peter, and he appeared on the magazine’s cover shirtless, which was not the first time. So, Frampton’s reputation as an avid guitarist started being overlooked due to these covers as people began to believe that his good looks were the reason for his fame.

Later, David Bowie helped the rocker redeem his career and show people he deserved the fame he had earned as a skilled guitarist. However, not everyone would give Frampton a second chance. The rocker disclosed that he once came close to being a member of the Rolling Stones, but Mick Jagger wasn’t as enthusiastic.

“Every day,” joked Frampton after being asked if the guitarist wondered what would have happened if he had joined the Rolling Stones. “It was Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman who put my name forward because I was closer to them than the others. But then, when we were doing ‘I’m In You,’ Mick Jagger was in Studio A at Electric Lady, and I was in Studio B. I think he was mixing a Stones live album.”

The rocker continued, “One day, I bump into him and say, ‘Okay, I’ve got to ask. I heard it on the radio, and Bill said that he submitted my name. Was I one of the top five people in the running?’ Mick said, ‘Yes, you were.’ I said, ‘So what happened?’ And he said, ‘Well, look where you are now. We knew you were just about to break.’ That was a great excuse.”

It seems like Mick had predicted how Frampton’s reputation would be damaged because of his shirtless covers. However, Frampton rebuilt his reputation again, even when it was difficult for him. Thus, he can now look back on Mick Jagger’s negative comments and describe them as an ‘excuse’ since he managed to get back up.