Perry Farrell Breaks Into Tears While Talking About Taylor Hawkins

It’s been just over a year since Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell lost his best friend, Taylor Hawkins. When ‘New & Approved’s Matt Pinfield brought up Hawkins during the interview, the singer couldn’t hold back tears and said:

“It hurts. You know, what happens is people now they come to the shows, they wear T-shirts with Taylor. I just saw one last night, so it’s still raw. We love him; I love him.”

Farrell and Hawkins’ friendship goes back to the early days of Jane’s Addiction. Farrell even mentioned to NYPost last fall that Hawkins told him that he wanted to see Jane’s Addiction reunite before his passing by sharing:

“Taylor was there in the early days when Jane’s was running the streets of Los Angeles. He just wanted to see Jane’s come back together. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite make it, but I know for sure he’s watching, and I know for sure he’s listening.”

Even though Hawkins couldn’t see the original line-up’s reunion with Eric Avery’s return, the singer shared with Pinfield that he has two songs in mind that he plans the release soon. He added:

“I’ve got two songs in mind. One is called ‘The Imminent Redemption.’ It is about the world coming together and unifying, and all the problems and the issues that human beings have had since human beings have been around, we are going to come together, and we will settle, the world will settle, and I see it as happening in our lifetime. Then the other song is called ‘True Love,’ and it’s just that the sentiment is the pure raw unstoppable feeling of true love.”

You can watch Perry Farrell’s interview with Matt Pinfield below.