Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Details New Project To Honor Chris Cornell

Pearl Jam frontman Mike McCready recently gave an interview where he praised the late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and revealed his thoughts regarding his former Temple of the Dog bandmate Chris. Mike mentioned how he respects Cornell not only as a friend but also as a musician and explained the new music project that he’s been working on with Chris in his mind:

“I look at him as one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time, aside from being a friend. I love Chris and I’m working on a little project about the Seattle scene and a musical kind of rock opera thing. It’s just from my experience in the Seattle music scene, and he’s part of it.”

He continued explaining the details of the project:

“I’m just in the middle of it. I’m working on a script, and I’ve got about 18 songs that I’m working on, and I’m singing on it. It’s been a long journey.”

After Chris’ tragic passing in 2017, Chris wrote a heartfelt eulogy for his friend in January 2018. In the post, he emphasized how successful he perceived Chris and how strong their friendship was:

“Chris was undoubtedly one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time. When he first came on the scene, it was like: ‘God, that guy’s good-looking, AND he can play drums, AND he can play bass, AND on top of that, he can sing like no one else?!’ But as I quickly learned – even more importantly, Chris had a beautiful heart and soul and was an amazing and encouraging friend.”

He also mentioned Temple of the Dog, to which he contributed, and thanked Chris for his contributions to Pearl Jam’s style:

“I will always love Chris for giving me a chance very early on and letting me play leads on the Temple of the Dog album. He handed me a dream of actually getting to play on incredible songs and influenced how I would play on Pearl Jam records in the future.”

You can listen to ‘Temple of The Dog’ below.