Paul Stanley’s Confession About Mötley Crüe


Mötley Crüe is not one of the few rock bands that achieved immediate success. However, the band’s determined members refused to give up and tried to prove their worth in the rock scene. In the subsequent periods, Vince Neil’s singing style and the unique techniques of Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars would eventually come to the fore, initially in the United States and then internationally.

Some years following the band’s formation, their debut album ‘Too Fast for Love’ entered the mainstream in 1982, a year after its release, and brought Crüe their first national breakthrough. Although it was not a major commercial success immediately after its debut, it continued to climb in the US charts.

The band’s increasing success presented them with a turning point that brought them worldwide recognition. Crüe was invited to open for KISS, a rock band that had achieved worldwide recognition. Even though it seemed like KISS did the band a favor, their invitation was apparently based on strategic reasons, which Paul Stanley confessed in a past interview.

KISS Invited Mötley Crüe To The Tour For Their Own Benefit


Even though Mötley Crüe started building a reputation after attracting Ozzy Osbourne’s attention and joining his tour in the ’80s, being an opening act for KISS also significantly impacted their career. However, it should be noted that KISS started experiencing a decline in its career at the beginning of the ’80s as the band’s LPs did not receive as much attention as the previous ones.

While their preparations for the 10th Anniversary Tour continued, they realized that the number of participants in some of their concerts was low and started looking for a solution. Although they did Mötley Crüe a favor by inviting them on tour, their primary aim was to find a suitable way to increase their own success.

As the band’s frontman Paul Stanley revealed in a 2012 interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, that was a challenging and stagnant period for KISS. The vocalist confessed that while they were on the West Coast, they looked for solutions to sell more tickets and later came up with the idea of inviting Mötley Crüe.

Paul Stanley said the following about the band’s first tour with Mötley Crüe:

“At that point, we were hurting. We were in a lull, we were on the West Coast, and we thought, ‘Who can help us sell tickets?’

This tour became Mötley Crüe and KISS’s first one together. While KISS managed to attract a large audience to its concerts after the band’s participation, Crüe had the opportunity to perform tracks from its debut album and the upcoming one ‘Shout at the Devil.’ The concerts, especially in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, brought both bands to a successful position in their career during that period.