Paul Stanley Wants Fans To Share What They Cook For Dinner And It Went Viral In No Time

KISS guitarist and co-founder Paul Stanley took his official Twitter account to upload a new post and asked his fans to share what they have made for dinner which turned out to be a huge social media event for KISS fans within a very short time.

In his recent Twitter post, Paul Stanley wanted his fans to join him for an unusual event by sharing the meal that they cook for dinner as a new way to spent time together with the fans. Stanley also mentioned that he always reads almost every reply the fans give to his tweets.

After seeing the huge amount of interest from the fans, Paul thanked everybody for sharing their dinner with him and stated that he loved every one of them. Also, he pointed out that this event made his day and showed how much fun he had.

In order to comprehend how much interaction Paul Stanley has got for this tweet, it can be seen that around 3K people liked the post in less than a day, and most of the fans shared their dinner by replying to the tweet.

Here is what Paul Stanley wrote in his tweet:

“Today and tonight! Share photos of what you made for dinner! I always read your replies and this is another way we can all spend some time together and we all can use that!

Wow! Thank you all so much for sharing with me! I loved everyone because you took the time to send them and some made me very hungry! Made my day.

You can check out the post below.