Paul Stanley Undergoes Surgery Due To A KISS Show Related Injury

KISS’ frontman Paul Stanley recently posted a tweet announcing that he would have an operation on his shoulder for an injury he experienced on stage recently.

Many rock and roll bands try acts on stage, and the more different they are the more they receive attention and admiration from fans. From jumping off stage to flying around with a rope on the crowd, Stanley has also been through it all with KISS.

Paul Stanley went through several health problems, mainly from injuring or tiring himself on stage throughout his life. He revealed his injuries less than a year ago in an interview with Sirius XM and talked about how he is always prone to hurting himself while performing.

Unfortunately, the 69-year-old singer had ripped his bicep tendon almost two years ago and had to go through surgery to repair it. He further tore cartilages in his knees and had a hip replacement. These injuries sometimes cost KISS some shows or Stanley some appearances, but the singer seems to be holding on well.

Earlier today, Stanley tweeted a photo of himself resting on a couch wearing a sling on his right arm. He stated that he is getting a surgery soon because of another shoulder-related injury. He was optimistic about his situation and claimed that it was worth the sacrifice. While revealing that he had over eight show-relate surgeries, he still considered the damage as a fun consequence of a good time.

Here is how Stanley gave the news:

“Shoulder surgery today! How many show-related surgeries have I had?? I lost count at eight!! Was it worth it?!? Absolutely! Judge the value of what you have by what you sacrificed to achieve that goal. This was a joy-filled bargain.”

Even though the singer is 69 years old, he is still continuing to perform with his band. KISS had announced their farewell tour in 2018 and began in 2019, which faced a halt with the pandemic, however, they are determined to continue and end their careers in a good way. The Starchild is pretty confident about his health as he thinks a long-life gene runs in his family. His father recently lost his life at the age of 101, and hopes he inherited that gene.

You can see his tweet below.