Paul Stanley Thinks Will Smith’s Reaction To Chris Rock Was ‘Weak’

KISS’ Paul Stanley recently tweeted about the shocking incident when the world watched Will Smith slap Chris Rock onstage because he made a joke about his wife’s medical condition. The rocker reflected on the controversial moment and called Smith’ weak.’

Will Smith’s wife, Jada Smith, has been suffering from alopecia, a medical condition that affects the immune system and causes hair loss. The actress openly addresses this condition on social media and updates her fans about her experiences and progress.

At the 2022 Academy Awards, Chris Rock hosted the show onstage and joked about Jada’s hair by referencing ‘G.I. Jane,’ in which Demi Moore played the role with a buzzcut. While Will laughed at the joke initially, the actor’s emotions changed when he saw Jada unhappy with the reference. Hence, he got up to smack Chris Rock on stage.

Will later went up the stage again to receive an award for himself. After the event, everyone talked about this slap, and people’s opinions were torn into two sides. Some people stated that it was staged, and others said that Chris deserved it for making fun of a medical condition. However, Will later apologized and said that violence is unacceptable, while the Academy condemned his attack.

KISS’ Paul Stanley was among the people who reacted to the event on Twitter. He stated in disbelief how easy for Will to accept his award and said he was unhappy that he got a standing ovation after referring to the previous incident. He reacted to Hollywood’s attitude toward this matter and called Will Smith’ weak.’

Here is what Stanley tweeted:

“Wait… Chris Rock makes a bad joke about Jada Pinkett’s appearance. Will Smith walks onstage, hits him in the face, shouts out obscenities & later, in tears, accepts an Oscar saying, ‘Love makes you do crazy things’ to a standing ovation?!? What the f*ck, Hollywood. That’s not woke. That’s weak.”

You can see the tweet and those controversial moments below.