Paul Stanley Supports Asian Americans Who Faced Racism Due To Coronavirus

KISS frontman Paul Stanley shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing heartbreaking news about a young Asian American man named Denny Kim who was beaten up just because of racism out of coronavirus, and Stanley strictly stated that nobody should fear violence out of their ethnicity.

As many of you know, hate crimes against Asian Americans keep increasing for the past year and they are often linked to the idea that blames Asian people for spreading and starting the Covid-19. Advocates for Asian Americans say the reason behind this violence can be the rising anti-Asian sentiment in the US in addition to former President Donald Trump, who often referred to the coronavirus as the ‘China virus’ or the ‘Kung flu.’

Recently, Paul Stanley shared a post on his official Twitter page in which he revealed a piece of news that unveiled how frequent Asian people have to experience hate crimes by revealing a young man named Denny Kim who got his nose broken by two men because of the ‘Chinese Virus.‘ Eventually, Kim did not report these people out of fear, however shared his story.

Here is what he said:

“Denny Kim, pic (left) from yesterday, wks after 2 men broke his nose & beat him in LA Koreatown. ‘They called me chink, said ‘You have the Chinese virus’ and ‘Go back to China.’ Kim didn’t report initially bc he was afraid. Encouraged by others, he’s got something to say.”

After seeing the devastating news, Paul Stanley revealed a statement in which he explained how we all are not so different from each other in addition to stating that nobody should be afraid of violence or death just because of their appearance and ethnicity and we all should chose kindness and justice.

Here is what Stanley said:

“SO DEMORALIZING. We share so much in common and there is so little below the surface that differentiates us. NO ONE should fear violence or persecution for what they look like, where they were born or how they choose to live. KINDNESS…. AND JUSTICE.”

You can see the Twitter post below.