Rick Allen Addresses Def Leppard’s Plans About Retirement

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen talked about retirement and shared Def Leppard’s plans about it.

Continuing to fill stadiums with thousands of fans, the drummer was asked about the possibility of retirement anytime soon. Allen, making his mind clear, said the following:

“We never talk about the last show. That’s kind of the elephant in the room. We avoid that one. And you know what? We’ll just keep doing this as long as we possibly can. And be honest, The Rolling Stones, they keep raising the bar every single year. And I think they’re gonna be going out on tour again, so we’ve got nothing to complain about.”

Phil Collen and Joe Elliott’s Thoughts on Retirement

Well, the drummer doesn’t seem like he is planning to retire anytime soon. How about the rest of the members? The band’s guitarist, Phil Collen, is also on the same page with Allen. Earlier, Collen said that the band has been exercising regularly and doing vocal warm-ups to be ready at all times. He also noted that the band had no intentions to retire soon.

Joe Elliott also ‘can’t see it happening.’ Elliot noted that as long as his health allows him, he will keep on touring and making music.

Joe Elliott Escaped Forced Retirement

If it weren’t for Elliott’s vocal rehab, the rocker would have retired around 2015. Apparently, Elliott couldn’t control anything, and he had a frozen vocal chord. His doctors told him that if it weren’t him, they would tell the rocker to change his profession.

Fortunately, the rocker was built back up without any surgery thanks to rehabilitation, and was ready to sing again.

You can watch the recent interview below.