Paul Stanley Says Personal Spats Between Him And Gene Simmons Is Exaggerated

KISS frontman Paul Stanley opened up about the upcoming documentary of the band, ‘Biography: KISStory’ during a recent interview with SiriusXM, revealing the truth behind the close relationship he has with his longtime bandmate, bassist Gene Simmons.

For those of you who may not know by now, KISS finally announced an upcoming biographic documentary of the band titled, ‘Biography: KISStory,’ which is going to air on June 27 and 28 on A&E in two parts including their career, success, and challenges throughout their music career that spans over nearly five decades that earned them the title for being one of the most influential and best-selling rock bands of all time.

While the band has experienced a number of lineup changes during its career, the two founding members of the band, frontmen Paul Stanley, and bassist Gene Simmons have never left KISS and pretty much created the legacy of their band by keep making music after all those years, thus, the inseparable duo represents the backbone of KISS according to many fans.

During a recent interview, KISS’ frontman opened up about the upcoming movie of the band, ‘Biography: KISStory’, and mostly focused on the bond he has with bassist Gene Simmons with whom he has been friends and bandmates nearly for the past 50 years. Therefore, the film is going to be based on their story while the two let it all out about their journey to the international success of the band.

In addition to this, Paul Stanley also stressed the fact that the arguments he and Gene Simmons had during the course of their music career have always been exaggerated since people have this idea of the two not getting along all the time, however, what they only had was a healthy competition which contributed into their progress, according to Stanley.

During the interview, KISS frontman revealed:

“It’s a real, personal look at the band and Gene and I – ’cause Gene and I were there, we were together since we lived in our parents’ homes, and we’re there today. So that kind of bookends the whole story of the band. And it’s much more intimate and personal than anything we’ve done before. It lacks a lot of the razzmatazz and the bigger-than-life. It’s more almost like sitting with us.

There’s a lot of conversations in it of just Gene and I on my sofa, hanging out. Kudos to Gene. He was willing to let down the guard and show a different side of him – a side that, over years, has become much more pronounced. People have all these ideas about him and I butting heads all the time. And we’ve never really butted heads. We’ve certainly been very competitive at different times, and that healthy competition is what helped make us what we are.

So, I think the spats have been exaggerated. But I think one thing you see at this point is we couldn’t get along better. We have so much to be grateful for and so much to look back on and to sit around and share memories or reminisce, it’s a very different feel to this.”

You can watch the interview below.