Paul Stanley Says It’s Dangerous To Spread Kanye West’s ‘Hate Speech’

KISS singer Paul Stanley shared a Twitter post saying that television or print media should be more careful about who they interview, referring to Kanye West‘s recent controversial remarks.

Kanye West made it to the headlines when he wore a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt with the right-wing influencer Candace Owens at Paris Fashion Week a few weeks ago. The rapper claimed with this slogan that the Black Lives Matter movement was a scam. In the coming days, he continued stirring the pot. After receiving criticism from the singer Diddy and many others, West shared a message on Instagram saying that Diddy was under the control of Jewish people.

When Instagram suspended the rapper’s account, he took to Twitter this time and made some anti-Semitic comments about Jewish people, leading Twitter to remove his post for violating its rules. KISS’ Paul Stanley, who is of Jewish lineage, also raised his voice about this issue last week and said that Kanye West’s mental illness could not be used to justify his discriminatory attitude against other religions and ethnicities.

Stanley tweeted about West’s controversial statements once again upon seeing his recent appearance on Chris Cuomo’s self-titled new show on NewsNation. The singer stated that he couldn’t understand why a person like Kanye, who speaks idiotically and spreads hate speech, was interviewed by a television channel. In the following tweet, Paul said that television or print media had the responsibility of taking into account the speaker’s reliability and credibility. He added that he doesn’t support the silencing of any opinions, but they should be more careful about what to cover.

Paul Stanley’s tweet read:

“If you saw someone on the street who was clearly disturbed, speaking nonsensically and spewing hate speech, would you interview them on TV? This is a dangerous, self-serving version of clickbait that legitimizes the ravings of someone who’s mentally ill. We all deserve better.”

He continued:

“Let me be clear. I don’t advocate ‘silencing’ views. Everyone has the right to speak their opinion, but not everything that happens or is said deserves the same coverage. Televising or putting in print someone’s views needs to take into account the credibility of the speaker.”

You can see the tweets below.