Billy Corgan Exposes The Fraud In Music Industry: Everybody Is A Complete Assassin

In a new interview with The Times, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan exposed what’s wrong with the music industry. He explained why he thinks it’s a fraud and compared it to the wrestling:

“Wrestling’s honesty is in its artifice and music’s dishonesty is in its pretence that it’s not artifice. Music is mass psychosis. We pretend: ‘Gee, guys, it’s so nice to be in Cleveland.’ Total malarkey. Everybody in music is a complete assassin.”

Corgan Doesn’t Follow Music Industry Trends

In recent years, the music scene has changed a lot. Advertising new music on social media has become a big deal for artists. But Corgan isn’t worried about following these trends. In response to the trends, the band released a 33-track album.

The first part of their three-part rock opera project ‘ATUM’ came out on November 15. The next parts dropped on January 31 and April 21. Even though the band dropped 33 songs in total in just a few months, the band didn’t receive positive feedback.

The rocker said of the trends:

“I think there’s this sense that you have people’s attention for a very brief moment of time, and if you can’t capitalize on that attention, ‘It won’t work.’ Like, it won’t work in the modern frame of business. You take a pop artist who has 70 million followers on Instagram… Well, we don’t have 70 million followers on Instagram. We can’t rely on a social audience to drive our message.”

You can hear ‘ATUM’ down below.